Reconditioned Machines

Unisert Machines (india) Pvt. Ltd. has a fully equipped reconditioning center. Our Infrastructure is effectively networked with data centralization for smooth and speedy communication across various departments. Our skilled workforce has years of industrial experience.

Development & product improvement is a continuous phenomenon at Unisert Machines (india) Pvt. Ltd., and a lot of capital and resources are utilized for the same. The large warehouse of the company helps us store bulk of products & spares to meet all kinds of market demands. Our company ensures availability of the national as well as international market.

Instead of “REFURBISHED” if we use the word “REMAUFACTURED” that will be more appropriate because we strip out whole machine to frame level during our reconditioning process and the start rebuilding the machine.

We offer a full range of refurbished thought whole machines for PCB assembly. We also offer full warranty for all the equipment that we sell. Our well-trained and experienced field engineers are available for services round the clock.

Machines stripped to frame level & then completely Remanufactured with latest upgrades


Axial component Insertion
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Radial component Insertion
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Jumper Wire Insertion
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Sequencer & Axial component Insertion
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